Allegany County Forestry Board and the Allegany Arts Council to Co-sponsor

Tree Photo Contest


In celebration of the beautiful forests of Allegany County and the important benefit of trees to our community, the Allegany County Forestry Board and the Allegany Arts Council are co-sponsoring a tree photo contest this summer in conjunction with the Allegany County Fair. The photograph must be of a single tree located in Allegany County. There are more than 140 species of trees known to be growing in Allegany County with oaks and pines being the more common forest cover type. Trees and forestlands provide a number of ecological benefits to our backyards, streetscapes and mountain slopes. 

Photo exhibits must be printed and mounted on white poster board/card stock not to exceed 8.5 inches x 11 inches.  On the bottom right hand corner attach a white 3” x  5” card (or print directly on your poster board/card stock) the title, date taken, location of tree in Allegany County, name and type of camera, and kind of film (if film is used). Each exhibitor is limited to one entry. The photograph must have been taken by the exhibitor in the past year since July 2018.

The first prize is $100.00; the second prize is $50.00; and third prize is $25.00. Officials will award the prizes at the August 2019 meeting of the Allegany County Forestry Board. The Forestry Board will notify winners of the time, date and location of the awards ceremony. At the conclusion of the Fair the winning entries will be held for public viewing at the Allegany Arts Council Gallery located at 9 N. Centre Street in Cumberland until the awards ceremony.

Information regarding procedures for entering fair indoor exhibits and the exhibit entry form can be found at the following website:

Photos will need to be taken to the Fairgrounds on Sunday July 14, 2019 between 12 noon and 4:30 pm.  Exhibitors who have not pre-registered my register at this time.

For additional information contact Sherry Frick, Agriculture & Natural Resources Educator,University of Maryland Extension-Allegany County, Telephone 301-724-3320,Email


 2018 Winners


First Place:  Dusty Berg





Second Place:  Amy Stonebreaker





Third Place:  Cobey Yonker







2017 Winners


First Place:  Paul Parish




 Second Place:  Natalie McKenzie



Third Place Winner:  Amy Stonebreaker




2016 Winners

First Place:  Colby Yonker, photo Sunrise Silhouette

Second Place Winner:  Janice Leith, photo Magnificent Catalpa

Third Place Winner:  Melissa Nash, photo Fall Beauty




Pictures:  Winning photos with Lucille Cessna representing Mrs. Jan Leith, and Colby Yonker, first place winner




2015 First Place Winner:  Sheila Bridges

Shagbark Hickory