leaf1  In 1906 Robert and John Garrett donated over 2,000 acres of mountain woodland to the state of Maryland. This donation prompted the creation of the Maryland Board of Forestry.

The Board of Natural Resources was created in 1941 by the Maryland Legislature. Shortly thereafter the State passed “the first comprehensive public regulation of forest practices on private lands east of the Mississippi River – the Forest Conservancy District Act of 1943.”




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Maryland’s Forest Conservancy District Act of 1943 was one of the most progressive in the nation and “encouraged economic management and scientific development of its woodlands to maintain, conserve, and improve soil resources of the State.”

Today, Forestry Board members across the State are volunteers with varying backgrounds and expertise. Members must have an interest in sustainable forestry and a desire to see resources used wisely. Public education is an important component of the Forestry Board’s mission in working to improve the forest environment in urban, suburban and rural areas of Maryland.